I've been hanging around for a few years and have not bothered to introduce myself. Hi, I'm Bill and I'm a Leo. What is your sign? Oh, forgive me, I was having a flashback.

Let me start over, now that I've shaken the ferns out of my head.

Photography has been an interest of mine since I was a child. Interesting enough that I studied it in college and received a BS in Photography in 1971. After working as a photographer for a couple of years, life took me down a different path. I was away from active photography for about 28 years. As I looked toward the horizon and saw retirement looming, a decision was made to give serious thought to what my days would look like when my career completed. I bought a camera, got hooked up with some local groups and started rediscovering that which I had enjoyed in the past. The past 8 or 9 years have been great. I use Olympus 35mm, a variety of old folders, same of pinholes, a Toyo AX 4X5 and yes, one from the other side.

My photography is about half the "real deal" and half from the dark side. Currently I'm getting my feet wet with alt processes. I'll move into a new home the end of the year and will then have my first real dedicated darkroom. It is about 160 sq. ft. Guess I could send a picture of it framed up, however will wait until it is complete. I currently live in the Houston area, where I teach a beginners photo class at night. My new home will be in the Texas Hill Country, between Austin and San Antonio.

So there you go. Bill Barber