Steve - Exactly. I think you made my point better than I did.

I shoot because it interests me, then I worry about the message. And even that is usually secondary. In the image I posted, it wasn't until I was playing with the cropping that I realized what I had. It was sort of like "Hey, cool, she looks really frazzled and emotional. That is neat." (o.k. neat for ME.... ).

I find that images with a "Message" tend to be over the top. If I let the message happen, I get a better image.

Here is an example.

In this image, I was simply shooting a mother and daughter at a protest rally against the war. I liked the aspect of two generations at the rally. I shot about 3 frames of them just standing there. Then the mother raised her hand and I got this image. Now, I KNEW this was an emotional image when it happened. But it simply HAPPENED. It just occured. I did not try and orchestrate the image at all. Had I done so, I don't think it would of worked at all.