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I've got a set of 2 AP plastic reels. I find that I cannot load 35mm film any longer onto one of the reels. The other loads the film no problem. What happens is that the film gets stuck going onto the reel a short while after I start to load it, and then it will not load any further. I don't know what the issue is since its dark Any ideas as to what the problem could be with the problematic reel? I've looked at it and cannot see anything obvious...
Have you tried the same reel with another roll of film? That roll on the other reel? Could it be a problem of that particular roll of film on that particular reel?

I guess I don't know what an AP reel is, but if it is anything like the Paterson or Jobo systems, frequently a corner of the film gets persistently hung up on the radial bars. Once it starts, it never seems to go any farther but sticks at exactly the same place no matter how many times you try. What it feels like is just as you describe. A good solution for that (I've learned always to do it with Jobo, and never use the paterson's but we have them at school) is to clip the leading corners on the roll at about 45 (doesn't have to be anything like accurate, it's hard to do precision in the dark, or worse in a bag). Then, they ride up across the bars easily. It has saved lots of serious frustration.

The other frequent problem I encounter (among the students) is that they complain about the film going on the reel but slowing down gradually and becoming more and more difficult to turn the reel until it eventually stops altogether. This is because they didn't check to see if the reel was dry.

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