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Thought I might add a couple more questions (I'm good at that )
Today I had to go to the gallery to get 2 prints mounted on white mat board (50cm x 40cm = $25 AUD each)
1) Cutting your own - does it make financial sense in the long run? (How longer run?)
2) How much room would you need?
Thanks to all.
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Whether it makes financial sense sort of depends on your volume. I met a pro photographer this weekend who used to cut her own mats, but due to the volume of her work, it's just too time consuming for her. She found a place that cuts all her mats and gives her a good price. I'd say if you are doing it for yourself, or your volume is low, cutting things yourself does save time & gives you a sense of satisfaction.
As to how much room...most matboard is around 32"x40" (~81cm x 101cm) and that is close to the max size you might see. You can set up the mat cutter on a kitchen table then store it under your bed or in a closet when you are not using it. So not really much room at all.

There are many sites with some good info on matting & framing. Here's a couple: