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Interesting Schneider info. I am now going to assume that Apo Artar is the 'design/function' of the lens manufactured by two different manufacturers, since my lens is clearly engraved with "Rodenstock".


Are you sure your APO Artar is a Rodenstock lens? If so, could you please post a pic? Artar was a trademark of Goerz. The Goerz assets were sold to Kollmorgen around 1970 or 1971 and subsequently to Schneider around 1972. Schneider continued to produce the APO Artar up until about 1989 or 1990.

I have never seen, or heard of (until now) a Rodenstock lens bearing the APO Artar name. It would be most unusual since first Goerz and then Schneider held the legal rights to this name - and they were both competitors of Rodenstock. Rodenstock had their own version of this lens type, but they called it the APO Ronar. Are you sure that's not what you have?

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