[QUOTE=keithwms;637152]You know what I discovered in my little town, that was quite surprising to me? A lot of people want to learn traditional darkroom techniques and perhaps also digital hybrid stuff with trad'l output. I listed a minicourse at my university and -bam!- 30 students tried to get in, the course was literally into a waitlist 3 minutes after listing. Now I am setting up some private summer workshops and even with the university students out of town I am getting plenty of interest.

This doesn't surprise me at all. I've worked in IT all my working life and got into black and white photography as an escape from computers. If you think about it, kids spend there whole time at home, college and then in most workplaces sitting in front of computer. The last thing you want to do is spend your leisure time in front of one. Digital photography forces you to do that.
I think what you are experiencing is a reaction from people who simply aren't interested in bits and bytes and want to escape to something more craft oriented and not nearly as objective as working with computers.