I really wish I could be there for this one. I would be, but this is a particularly busy summer for me. I just returned from a one-week back-country canoe trip in the central interior of Algonquin Park. My nephew is an Environmental Biologist who organizes a trip like this every spring. There were five people in our group. As 'adventures' go, this one was a real "character builder" . It was cold and rainy and windy for almost the entire time. We even woke to snow one morning. As opportunities for some great landscape photographs, it was ... not great. I dragged that 4x5 outfit in a Pelican case, and tripod, and a whole lot camping and canoeing gear for the whole trip. On Day 1, we did the longest portage in the park: 5.3 kms. In the end, I only exposed 7 frames, even though I had brought 48 loaded. Of those 7, I really think I could have gotten the same or similar without being in the remote "back-country". Anyway, right now, I am in Winnipeg on my way to look for pictures in the Badlands of Southern Alberta. I plan to take pictures of 'everything' between there and Mississauga by the end of August. I have even brought chemicals and trays with me to develop negatives in hotel bathrooms occasionally. Anyway, when you guys get together, hoist one or two for me. I am sorry that I won't get to meet Nicole this time around. Hopefully, next year we will all have a chance to get together again.