Hey all,
Here is a site to check over:

I would like to meet at the Visitors' Center at 7:00 am on Sat Oct 16th - please let me know if this is OK or too early in the am.

And now - Directions...
Coming from the Boston area / Eastern Mass:
Get on to the Mass Pike West and keep going... Look for Exit 7 Ludlow, this is the exit you want to take.
After paying your toll, go to the end of the short access road and turn RIGHT on to Rte 21 North. Follow this road all the way to the end (probably a 15 min drive) to where Rte 21 meets Rte 202. Turn RIGHT on to Rte 202 North. You will go about a mile, up a hill and at the top is a traffic light. Rte 202 turns left, BUT you want to go Straight through the light and about a mile it will meet Rte 9. Turn RIGHT on to Rte 9 East. The Quabbin Visitors' Center road will be about 2 to 3 miles down the road. It will be on the Left Side and marked with a sign for the State Police (who now police the park and area). Turn Left here and follow the road a short ways to the Visitors' Center. If I remember correctly, the parking area just past the Center is still accessible, if not park right in front of the building.

Coming from the West - Berkshires or NY:
Take the Mass Pike East to Exit 7 Ludlow. Follow the directs above from that point north.

Coming from the South - Conn:
Get on to Rte 91 North. Drive up to Springfield where you will bear right on to Rt2 291 East. Take Rte 291 East all the way to the end where it will meet the Mass Pike (Rte 90). Turn right on to the Pike's access area, grab you ticket and head East. Exit 7 will be the next exit, so don't pick up warp speed! Take Exit 7 Ludlow and follow the above directions to the Quabbin.

From points North - VT or NH:
Get on to Rte 91 South. Keep driving to Holyoke (pronounced Whole-yoke) and the Holyoke Mall (which is on your left). The Exit just past the Holyoke Mall is for the Mass Pike; this is the one you want to take. Get on to the Mass Pike and head East to Exit 7 Ludlow. As stated already, follow directions from this point to the Quabbin.

If you're gonna drive down Rte 2 - points North and East:
Take Rte 2 West until you hit the town of Orange. Take the exit for Rte 202 South Belchertown Amherst. Follow Rte 202 South into Belchertown where Rte 202 will meet Rte 9. Turn Left onto Rte 9 East and follow this road for about 3 to 5 miles to the Quabbin Visitors' Center (see above directions).

Dan Sullivan:
If you are staying in Amherst at a B&B - get on to Rte 9 East - Amherst College is at the intersection of Rte 9 & Rte 116 South - head East to Belchertown and follow directions from where Rte 202 & Rte 9 intersect.

One Cautionary Note: Some of these small western New England towns love out of towners that speed and will ticket at the drop of a hat - especially Rte 21 where the Speed Limit is 35 mph in places (Oh the lessons of experience!!). So please drive carefully.

If you have any questions, please contact me either through e-mail, APUG PM or phone (413-733-6001). I am looking forward to meeting everyone and hope that this is the first of many outings/meetings.