I know it's short notice but is anyone up for an informal* tour on Sunday June 8th at 12:00? Ferries from Manhattan leave every hour on the hour (promptly) and return on the half hour. So, we would meet up on the island at around 12:15. Tour would run around 1-2 hours depending on everyone's interest but since the island is open on Sunday, you can drop off at any point and wander on your own and catch any ferry back to Manhattan (ferry is free, tickets not required, but sometimes there can be a very long line and/or a full boat but that's usually on a special event weekend). I'm going to limit this tour to around 15 analog photographers only (any format). Please PM me if you are planning to attend so I can reserve you a spot.


*I haven't been to Governors Island yet this year, and haven't done a tour since last October so I'm going to be rusty on the facts/history. I'm planning on using Sunday to get ideas of what would be of interest to more serious photographers (those who aren't taking their photos with a cell phone for instance) so I can refine the tour route for the future.