I can not speak for the coverage of a 19" Goerz APO Artar for 12x20 but I can speak for the Red Dot version of this lens. I have used this lens on my 12x20 many times and it is one of my standard lenses. Obvoiusly each individual lens will vary some, but my 19" red dot will cover 12x20 completely at infinity with some movement. HOWEVER, no matter how much you stop down the lens, the corners will not be sharp for an inch or so. BUT if you shoot at shorter distances than infinity, the image will be sharp corner to corner with movements. Attached below is an image shot with this lens in the vertical orientation at a distance of about 20 feet from the subject using about 2" of rise on the front standard. The image is sharp corner to corner even using a 7X eye loupe on the negative.

Bob Herbst

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Well, I read somewhere (I think here) that the 19" Artar would cover 12x20. I hope it's correct information. I bought the lens on Ebay. It was pretty cheap, so I'm not out much if it doesn't cover.
I'm going to use the camera strictly for straight-on studio still life work, so I won't be trying any extreme movements. That should help.
I just recently had a major surgery but as soon as I'm given the go-ahead to lift more than 15 lbs, I'm going to start heaving the beast around! We'll see how it works....

I may eventually try to put the lens in a shutter. Film is so expensive, I'd like to take out as many guesswork type variables (1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, etc) as possible.

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