Greetings from the middle of Puget Sound (Vashon Island).

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I've just subscribed to APUG, so now I feel I should introduce myself. Like many the kids are off to college, career has gone well (could be better) and I now have the time and money to pursue my interests in Photography. A few years ago I purchased a Nikon DSLR, and a Shen-Hao 4x5 field camera. I've been taking many pictures without a lot of "printing".

I am building a Darkroom with 20x24 print making ability, large sink, with all the comforts including heat, AC, good lighting, temperature control for processing, B/W at first then work with some color.

I had been printing at a co-op/club darkroom of a very large airplane company in my area. This was a good deal, lots of space, good equipment, but at 60 miles from my home, not too convenient.

The large room I am building will not only house a Darkroom, but a space for digital printing, PC, dry mount press and post process (spotting etc)...and of course the exercise machine that I promise the wife I would finally start using.

Topics I intend to discuss (at later dates)
1. Why no Puget Sound or Seattle Area user group, or even Washington?
2. I have used Google and Yahoo "groups" in the past. I would also like to see a users groups for Wing-Lynch, JOBO processors. Or is this what “search” is for?
3. A group for sharing "curves" with the Sekonic programmable light meters (I have the L-785DR).

All for now, also searching for a catchy sign about. "Belly up to the sink and get printing"