I have started doing some serious lith printing (it is becoming quite addictive). However I have a couple of queries that searching has not provided definitive answers to.

First I am keen to try a textured art paper, but it looks as if the only one left is Bergger prestige fine art portrait (aka silver supreme). This is very expensive at 35 for 10 sheets of 11x14. It seems that the best alternatives were Kentmere fine art/Luminos tapestry or Foma chamois, but these are all discontinued. Is this correct? I could coat my own paper, but I have heard that lithing with liquid emulsion is not that great (resulting in brittle emulsion that flakes off the paper).

Second I am slightly concerned about the archival nature of lith prints. I understand from reading Tim Rudman's books that it is wise to tone them - even more so than conventional prints. However, I like the colours I am getting before toning and want to preserve the colours I have if possible. The solution Tim advises seems to be Agfa Sistan. Is this still being made - I know it is still available? And is it not possible to tone lightly in, say, pretty dilute selenium without there being a significant shift in colour, but while making the print more archivally stable and deepening the blacks? And if so what sort of times and dilutions would we be talking about?

As ever, thanks in advance for any advice.