Thanks for your recommendations.
I also have Instant Mytol, actually same developer as XTol, and is great to achieve details in shadows. But I do not like the very small blured grain, which is reason of big amount of sodium sulphite. It was reportage shooted during sunny days, and I exposed it as 1600 just for having times usable handheld with MF camera. As I read your posts, I think the best option for me will be Emofin, Diafine or AM74. I like look of 135 Tri-X in Rodinal 1+25/1+50, and that is something what I want to achieve with rollfilm pushed to 1600.

Btw. I know, Tri-X is really not ISO400, but something between 250-320, but it is better then Delta/TMax 3200, which are really something around ISO1250

After I make some tests I will posts some experience. Thanks!!