I've just got back from doing a wedding - not as a photographer but as a minister.
As is the unfortunate custom, the bride was late, but just before she arrived the photographer turned up - a young woman (I guess) in her mid twenties, dressed to the nines but with a tripod and a couple of digicams.
As far as I could tell she did a reasonable job - that is she did not get in my way or generally be a nuisance.
After the service as I was clearing up she was fiddling with one of her cameras and I passed the usual pleasantry that goes on between priest and wedding photographer - that is ' well I've finished with them now good luck for the rest of the day' - or something like that. Well we had a short chat where she said that today was her first church wedding and, by the way, she hoped that I did not mind her taking her shoes off. I then noticed that her shoes had some very significant stiletto heels! She must have been in agony.
I wished her well and she tottered off for the rest of her assignment.
Perhaps at college it should have been mentioned that comfortable shoes are an essential part of your kit.
I also wonder what style of shoe would go with what brand of camera - polished brogues with a Leica, hush-puppies with battered old Rolleiflex...