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....Been working on a book (just the photography) for the last year and a half. The book should be out next summer. It's about the history of a local farm area near Ann Arbor.

Everything was, and continues to be, shot with film only.

Well, the above message was from last December 23rd and the book is still not completed yet, but, the cover has been decided on: http://www.press.umich.edu/titleDetailDesc.do?id=361228 . All the photos on the cover are mine, save for the sunflowers.

I wish they had a larger image to show. I think my name isn't mentioned here yet because although I shot 70% (150-200) of the photos for this book, they'd have to mention the other photographers, too. However, they don't know who the photographers are for some of the pics, so, to make it simple (I guess) there are no photographer's names credited yet. All I know is, the writer fought to get the designer to enter a photo credit under each and every image (if known). That's better than just a listing at the end of the book, with no credits under the images themselves.

Anyway, the book should be out in September.