I've had to deal with curl issues with other films; notably the old 2475 recording film which, like its close cousin Kodak's HIE, had no anti halation backing, and hence, no back coating. What I always did with this (only in 35mm, that is all it came in) was to reverse roll it for as long as possible. Otherwise, it was like a corkscrew and defied all efforts to handle it, ESPECIALLY when processed using pyrocatechin, which is what I liked to use it with. Boing!

So, I am still using up the last rolls, processing in MCM 100, and really frustrated with it, I soaked it in a propylene glycol solution. Well, by golly, that works. Hopefully there won't be any side effects.

I really haven't noticed anything that severe with the EFKE films that I've used or, for that matter, ADOX back in the pleistocene era. But, if you are having trouble with curling, try one or both of these tricks and see if that helps.