Countless quantities of regular photography in magazines:
ST World (An Atari ST magazine); ST Action; Amiga Action, late 80s into early 90s.
Mostly Olympus OM-1 systems, then when they packed up toward the end I got my Nikon F-801 (the F4 wasn't available for another few months so I got that instead) and the C330, but I did also use an absolutely amazing Rolleiflex 3003 and the magic 35mm lens until it got stolen.

Mayfair Magazine (as Art Editor) mid 90s to end of 90s.
I was forever using my own photography using various cameras ranging from my Nikon F801 & F4 systems, up to my Mamiya C330 system, and down to Kodak disposables (we did a regular series which was all shot on those!).

Books (eg, Flash XML, on Friends of ED (I think there's a picture in there I took) and the unpublished Foundation SVG (which definitely used pictures I took)).