I have read that in order to make a realistic-looking Ilfochrome print, one must use a contrast mask for roughly 90% of the prints. After finding little information on this process in libraries and books in my photography collection, I turned to the internet. I find one site with some good information (however much was out-of-date) that talked about needing to keep the slide in registration with the mask, but then my computer crashed and I don't have another three hours of search time. Basically, what I want to know is this: What type of film makes the best contrast mask? Should I use sheet film in registration with the paper or film in registration with the positive (I use mostly 35mm)? How does one determine the proper exposure for a contrast mask? Finally, where would be a good place to get registration equipment to keep contrast masks lined up? If there's a good, up-to-date site that any of you know of, I'd gladly take a look at it instead of a long-winded answer, as I'm sure that all of these questions are answered somewhere out in cyberspace. Thanks for your help.

~Karl Borowski