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...I just wanted the Temp Control unit. ...
Are you looking for a user's group for the Wing Lynch stuff as you suggested in your original post?

Do you happen to have the control unit? I've installed five of those in various college darkrooms. Those things are great. I have a brand new one in the box (got very lucky). All I need now is the darkroom to put it in (not room for it in my truck camper!). Those are no longer made, unfortunately, and I'm concerned about finding parts should they be needed, although I suppose most of the parts ought to be fairly standard. Do you know? The maintenance folks at the college told me that they had some trouble finding parts the last time they serviced a unit.

Ray Wing was part of the group in Portland OR that formed around Minor White in the 1930's and that continued corresponding with him until he died in 1976. I happened to call the factory service dept once in the late 1990's and in the conversation, asked about Ray. They said he was still coming in occasionally. I don't think the company is still up and running now and can't imagine that Ray would still be active.