Hi everyone,
I just wanted to report that yesterday we all had a wonderful time out at the Spiral Jetty. I should have planned more time there, but now I know what's there and we're hoping to make another trip sometime soon. Chris and I drove up and met Jay and Monte, who shared with us some other locations to shoot, showed us a beautiful (really beautiful) collection of prints, cyanotypes, salt prints, and tintypes, showed us their gorgeous cameras, their collodian process and their tintype process, AND took a tintype portrait of us, AND let us keep it, AND shared dinner with us, AND shared fresh garden greens and vegetables with us, AND showed us more hospitality than I ever would have expected from two strangers. It was a lovely day, and I'm so happy we went, and met Jay and Monte! Hopefully sometime I'll be able to get to the lab and print, and scan some shots from that day. I also hope that someday I can return their generous hospitality!