I've got a FED-2 that I recently had CLA'd. I like the "feel" of the camera, although I haven't shot with it much, mostly because the RF/VF window is so tiny.

To fix that, I've picked up a Soviet-era "turret" viewfinder ("turret" because it has a rotating viewfinder with "lenses" for multiple focal lengths). These can be had for about $70-100 on eBay depending on seller, condition, etc (just search for "turret viewfinder"). The Leica version on which this is based is usually more expensive, as are dedicated-focal-length accessory viewfinders.

Although the turret viewfinder viewing area isn't terribly large, it is larger and brighter than the one in the camera. I'm currently using it with hyperfocal distance as well, and so far I find this system quite usable.