They are not color, but I have two multi exposure pictures in my personal gallery. The one of the rose has many many images sandwiched on it. To have one more prominant than the other you need to shoot the last one against a darker image that preceded it. For a lighter more airy image overlaying it, like with the wagon wheel, it needs to be against a lighter background. As to exposure, I didn't know what the heck I was doing, and shot them all at one stop less than what the normal exposure would have been. The rose was a totaly goof. I didn't know I had the multi image button pushed until I began to wonder when a 15 image roll would run out. I had shot over 30 by that time. I have others that I played with placing certain elements in various quadrants of the image frame. It gives the illusion of just one image that runs into something else. Good luck with the experiments. It is fun to see what develops. (pun intended)