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Well I have a Gaoersi 6x17 and haven't had a problem with film flatness, the 6x12 is essentially the same. They are no frills, but well built, and rugged.

I bought mine so I could use it hand-held if necessary, many places I shoot don't permit tripods. The 6x17's are adjustable to shoot 6x12, 6x15 and 6x17, they don't cost much more than the 6x12's. Personally I'm glad I went for the wider format, once you start shooting with it you're hooked.

Ian, thanks... I'm mainly concerned with size (has to fit my backpack) and the coverage my good old Angulon 90/6.8 delivers... On top of that, the dedicated 612 by Gaoersi weighs only 900g - that is very attractive considering hikes through the mountains.

If I'm allowed to pick your brains some more: What lenses do you find you use most?