Hellos, I have film holders and sheet film on the way! What I am wondering is what backs are available for it.

I saw a post that said 22 and 23 backs are available. Will any 23 back fit or does it specifically call for a 23 back made for a 2 x 3 camera? I would like a back that holds several sheets of film at once and one to use 120 film with.

I've asked a couple of sellers on a famous auction site and none of them knew for sure which back I needed.

Is there a source for color sheet film or will I need to cut my own from larger film or should I use the 120 and be happy with it?

And finally what is the thickness of the factory lens boards? My camera didn't come with one.

These cameras are so awesome and I find myself looking at others before I've even shot the first film in it!!

Thanks for any advice!!