Jorge, perhaps reformulating the catch phrase to "one composition, one negative" might be better, but I find it does not have quite the same ring to it. I am certainly one who, like EW and his peppers, exhausts all compositional possibilities of any subject for as we all know light changes, tide changes, seasons change, etc. Even though I may expose 50 sheets on 50 different possibilities of one subject I know that all those 50 will not give me any hassle in the darkroom (I do dislike spending too much time in the dark preferring the outdoors every time). Of course compositionally all 50 could suck but they will be negatives that will print with relative ease. Sometimes though we do not have the luxury of returning to the scene, i.e. we only do get one shot. These situations do not stress me out anymore - I can use that short amount of time to compose and to visualise, exposure and development issues being an afterthought.