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Here's the run-down so far to help others in Boston who may be looking:
Boston Photo Co-op: as John said, toast. Too bad, the people who have used their JP space liked it.
NESOP: Expensive, but very clean, generous hours, max format size 4x5", no JoBo.
LaPete: Lots of good equipment, unfinished space with serious dust control issues, plumbing incomplete, so lots of back and forth to get tempered water, etc. Very cluttered. Runs his JoBo dry & cold, so subject to temperature drift during processing. I'd like to support him, but the setup is not encouraging.
Danforth Museum School: (did not visit this one yet) Open darkroom is listed in summer catalog, format limited to 35mm only.
I have been running my 4x5 film in LaPete's Jobo for two years and I have always used a tempered water jacket. He's never stopped me from doing that. If you simply tell Bill what you want he'll make it happen. I've never had any issues with dust either, not in the darkroom. It is an unfinished space and a bit cluttered but if you can't get great looking film and prints out of his darkroom you don't know what you're doing. All his enlargers are in perfect alignment and he has the only variable contrast cold light heads in Boston. If you're running film the water is filtered so there is never any dirt on the film. And by the way, he charges $40.00 including chemistry, $30.00 if you supply you're own, and he gives you a free day after three paid rentals. He is practically giving the place away in an attempt to keep traditional B&W alive and affordable. If more people would support him he would be able to afford to finish the plumbing. If they don't he'll be gone in a year and then NESOP at three times the price will be the only game in town...