Ah, Sorry I realise now I forgot to say any details for the cyanotype. It's traditional cyanotype, normal solutions, BUT I double coat. That's how you get those dark blues. I use Fabriano "watercolour studio" 300g/m2 paper (cheaper student-y version of their paper. Comes in tablets only, I think?) and I just soak the print in water face down for about 4-5 minutes. The Fabriano stuff clears nicely without letting the cyanotype blue wash away... I've been trying out more expensive papers like Arches Aquaelle and the famous Buxton paper.. but both of those papers I have an incredibly hard time getting the unsensitised solution out of the paper in the same short timespan. It's a bit odd but I guess I shouldn't complain that the cheaper stuff works better.
I have some Arches Aquaelle prints I gave up on soaking after half an hour and they're still blue & green.