I wasn't sure if you meant Birmingham Michigan or Mississippi...

Detroit: The statue of Atlas holding the globe on his back? Sorry, it's been so long since I was in Detroit I forget the street names. Might be in front of a courthouse, near a big theatre, Route 10 (which has a different street name inside the city).

I just found these in a 2004 APUG post...you'd have to check if they are a still around. We've lost 2 old camera stores in Grand Rapids in the last couple years.

In the suburbs:
Adray Camera
1905 E Big Beaver, Troy
248 689-9500

Century camera
30533 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak
248 288-5444

Nathan Camera
28822 Woodward, Royal Oak
248 399-8886

Woodward Camera
33501 Woodward Ave, Birmingham
248 642-1985