Hi Pat,

Thanks so much for your reply and for testing the formula out yourself.
I bought the p-aminophenol and sodium sulfite reagents brand new from PhotoFormulary. The KOH was from a nearly full but old bottle in a research lab where I work.

I started the automatic stirrer with 400mls of water and dunked in the sulfite followed immediately by the p-aminophenol. So I am guessing that the sulfite went into solution but but the white stuff that simply would not dissolve was mostly p-aminophenol. I checked to see that the p-aminophenol bottle does not say HCL on it.

After adding the KOH (added pellets directly to the mix) things cleared but still had way too much sediment in it. So I added about 6 more grams of KOH in 2 gram steps. After the last two grams things suddenly cleared, the color went a bit pinkish and left only a tiny amount of crystals in it. I was worried about if I had added too much KOH. So I checked the pH and found it was about 12.5 (using both pH paper and a pH meter). This seemed high , but googling didn't turn up any references for rodinal's target pH which seemed a good way for getting some kind of standard.

I'll try this again tomorrow. A couple more questions
1. Does the order of adding the reagents make a difference?
2. I have old but nearly full bottles of both NaOH and KOH. Is there a reason to prefer one over the other?
3. What final pH should I be shooting for?