Yeah, my 11x14 easel has those feet too, but wouldn't you know it, in the case that prompted this thread they didn't help. I unded up shimming the easel at the edge of my baseboard with old throw away 5x7's and taping the other end down to keep it still.

To continue the easel discussion, now that I'm doing more fiber, and hoping to do some larger prints, my 11x14 two blade easel seems to have some limitiations. I.e. the other day I wanted to print a 10x13 (to use an existing frame) on my 11x14 paper. In my mind I was going to print it in the middle of the paper (which would be very beneficial had this been fiber paper, for longevity etc.) but as you know with a two blade easel you get two fixed borders, roughly 1/4". I guess that most serious printes must use the four blade easels eh? This way they can leave ample space around the edge of their prints.