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Hi Bill, Hi Mary, Hi All,
I am here in Richmond Hill from November to May, but about to leave for
My farm up near Mary for the summer/fall . Know where Furnace Falls is
East of Kinmount on the Irondale river Mary ?

There is a a nice picnic area right at the falls. I shot my last roll of 120 Agfa APX 25 on the cascade as it comes over the section where all of the rocks have split into rectangular blocks.

We have used Highway 503 quite a few tmes, on the way back from jaunts up the Ottawa Valley, or to the south end of Algonquin or to spots around Bancroft and then on in the 'back way' to Orillia to visit my mom.

From Orillia the route is known to me as the Monck (colonization) Road. I presume that the farm is more recreational in these days. Oh it must have been a hard life for the early settlers once the humus from the forests was consumed and they learned that under the thin top layer there were not many nutrients in most of the soil.

For an interesting bit of research on an area not far from you, look up Longford Township, formerly victoria county, now town of ramara. The colonization company that owned the land back in the 1850's figured out it was not quite up for farming, and sold it to a lumber company. The county got sick of paying to fix the roads that the lumber company operations damaged, and so they sold all of the road allowances to the lumber company as well. Today some 150 years later it is a fish and game clubs private township.