Ole - I didn't mean to try to say all the bits that went into the buffered stop bath. Yes, acetic is definitely in there;, the sod acetate as I understand it is the buffering agent, resisting pH swings. .

In fact it is one of the few places that I use an acid stop for film these days. I have recently been doing a fair bit with PMK, which I understand works best with a water stop, and the habit spread to otehr flm developers as well.

It still goes into the stop when I am printing FB, particualrly DW and heavier papers.

I have what I beleive is a lifetime supply. In dec 06 I was in NYC, and stopped into B&H, and bought 3.8l of glacial grade. Mostly these days it gets diluted out to make up vinegar for pickling etc. The jug still has lots in it though.