I was making soduim citrate for kallitype developer because it is not available here. I dissolve sodium carbonate in water and then I add citric acid slowly. It fusses - it is carbon dioxide that is emitted. I periodically check the pH and I stop adding acid when the solution has gone slightly acidic.

The procedure is the same with sodium acetate. Use acetic acid instead of citric acid. I have not tried it because I have a local supply of sodium acetate.

The best results I have obtained with hot potassium oxalate. I make it from pot.carbonate and oxalic acid. One of the problems I have encountered is that if there is excess of oxalic acid it breaks the sizing of some papers - Arches Platine for example. So I usually stop adding oxalic acid when the solution is slightly base and then I add citric acid to make it slightly acidic. I should try next time with tartaric acid.

One of the reasons why I prefer pot.oxalate is because it gives one stop more speed than other developers. And less exposure - less bronzing in the darks. Another interesting thing is that the obtained speed for kallitype is the same as my mix for VDB - so I could mix them to control the contrast of the print. The image color is indistinguishable for my eye.

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