I am not sure I agree. More and more PJ are carrying light meters because the camera are not as reliable as you think. And AF doesnít always work that well. Many times when out in the sports arena especially at night MF is the only way to go as AF just doesnít respond. You have to learn to track and anticipate. The camera only part of the learning process. Back in the 80's when I shot some pro events we didnít have AF and I learned so much more that I ever cold today as I had to learn anticipation and reflex.

I realize each to their own but for a new PJ I would rally stay away from auto meters and AF and learn the trade, as it should be, Old school.

But again this is only my opinion for what ever it is worth. In any case good luck in your ventures and remember you go with a battery camera the batteries die you are SOL and believe me this happens more than you think. I would really get back to basics for PJ work and use the manual focus to enhance a scene, learn to read light and the film you use. You will get to a point when you look out doors with your favorite film and know off the top of your head what the settings will be before you even look through the viewfinder. Learn from the ground up and skip the electronic. But like I said earlier it all depends on your shooting style.

Good luck,