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Síle - how long will you be in Canada. I should be to Toronto by the third week of August. Will you still be there? Can you "miss" your flight home?

In other news, I will report back on the par-tay with the Canadians aka Yanks/Brits invade. Start planning next year's holiday now, eh? Never too soon! I think I am gonna be "out geared" on this one but the holga has developed a little Brooklyn attitude so I think all will be fine.

We're travelling around a bit, but hit Toronto for a few days the second week in August. Looks like we'll be passing ships in the night I'm afraid, but not to worry... we'll always have Trim... *cough cough*...

I am both dying to hear back from the invasion and extremely jealous.. so I will definitely be planning the hols around it next year!

Whens the new modified Holga arriving? And what about it did you modify, sounds intriguing...