Hi Pat,
I let the original batch of KOHnal sit for a couple of days. When I came back the color was darker and the pinch of precipitate was gone. This was in a light-tight and air-tight 50ml falcon tube.
So I thought, I'll remake a 50ml batch and see what happens. If I follow the amounts from your formula and let the solution sit for a day, I get a 50ml solution that is the color of Agfa Rodinal (light pink in the beginning, turns darker after a day) and has a whitish pink precipitate of about 4 ml volume at the bottom. More importantly, the pH is at 11.9 which is exactly what you get. I brought the pH upto 12.
I've developed a roll of Tri-X in commercial Rodinal which is drying now and will develop a strip of 10 frames of Tri-X from the same batch to see how it looks. We should have a comparison soon.