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I am trying to think of a single type of film still available off the shelf that is acetate and cannot.

You can special order acetate from Kodak in motion picture emulsions, but you have to buy 100,000 feet minimum if there are no remaining stocks ...
I have used a bit of 35mm motion picture film. All of the film I have come across recently appears to be acetate. It is easily torn if required....essential in my experience loading a motion picture film magazine. My understanding is that acetate is also essential as it will tear not strip the $200K movie cameras gears.

Small quantities (100ft) of surplus 35mm film is available from many companies for minimal cost. These are re-cans or "short ends".
And an article on same...not by me.

The Kodak motion picture products catalogue shows the films that are polyester or estar. Mostly print rather than neg film.

Hope this helps somemone.