I shot these a few years back when I had just begun working with an 8x10. I printed a few of them when I was learning alt processes, did some Van Dyke Browns and a few cyanotypes of some of the negatives, but honestly I had never really truly printed them in the way I saw the whole series.
I've never been one to dig out old negatives and reprint stuff. But for some reason this set of negatives always seemed to be unfinished and the stack of 25 negs has always sat on a shelf above my work table awaiting some attention. So I finally decided to just focus on printing them and culling it down to a semi-coherent small series.
I ended up with 10 negs/prints I thought worked well together.

Thought I'd share them.

My big hope is that after I get them presented together in a portfolio case, I want to take them by and drop them off with the owners of the steel factory in hopes of getting them to let me in to shoot some more before the warehouse/buildings/etc get torn down. They are in a prime location in downtown Austin, so its only a matter of time before they are bought out and tear the whole place down.

would love to hear any thoughts/critiques/comments people have.