my name is sanchi heuser and I'm living in Düsseldorf.That's in Germany.
Some years ago I started with large format.I bought an used 4x5 Sinar F with a Schneider Apo Symmar 5.6/150 mm.Before ,I only used cheap throughaway cameras for holiday snapshots.
One day in Paris,I realized ,that I wanted to make real pictures and that with this oneway equipment ,I can't go on.
I made in the first years only B/W polaroids ,so I could get a fast feedback.Then came polaroid's 55 and t-max 100.Now I make also colour slides.
Some people called me crazy to carry around and make photos with such a bulky equipment.The second question was always,how much that costs and if I make money from this.A real plague.:rolleyes:
I love to go into the nature and try to catch the beauty.