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Microdol-x does not suffer from the dreaded Xtol sudden death syndrome. They may have fixed that problem with Xtol but I will never trust it again and have nightmares.

I've made several five liter batches of XTOL stock with distilled water, and use marbles to minimize air. I've not seen the sudden death yet, and wonder if there's a water impurity or oxidation trouble. I've a friend in town who uses it exclusively for her B&W work without horror stories. I've used eight month old XTOL as well as the no longer recommended 1:2 and 1:3 dilutions. The times I've had troubles are times I messed up something else. I can't prove it won't happen to me, but I do wonder if something else in the worker's environment results in a clock reaction causing XTOL to lose potency.