Interesting. Try to apply some of this logic to what I do, and it's impossible. I don't have the luxury, in the kind of work I do, to set up thoroughly and completely, analyze every point in the image, check the contrast of the light, etc, etc, before each shot. Ain't gonna happen. Light can change every five seconds on some days. Kids don't stay put.

And since I'm not LF, I don't have the luxury of perfectly processing each neg according to the condition in which I shot each image. The beginning of a roll might be indoors by window light, with lots of contrast. By the end of the roll, we may be on the front porch in diffused, relatively flat lighting. I can certainly meter accordingly, but I obviously can't develop the roll to suit each image.

I think that the implication that those with innovative darkroom technique, or the knowledge of how to pull a great print out of a less-than-optimal neg are doing it to cover sloppy technique or inability to shoot properly -- well, that's just bullsh*t, to be blunt.

- CJ