Hi all. I'm Rory, a Dub living in East Cork (near Mel it would appear!).

Have been into photography since my late teens (17+ years I spose - yikes!). I recently finished two years of a night course on photography and darkroom techniques in the Crawford college. Great course, I would highly recommend it to anyone within an hour or so of Cork city.

I shoot mostly with my Nikon F90X, which is a great camera. But I also love my Holga and my SX70 (sadly bought only a couple of years ago. I shot a load of Polaroid back in the mid 90's, but was put off by the cost of film at the time - arrghhh! If only I knew what the future held - I'd have had 10 good years!). I also have a Mamiya RB67 which I'm a bit scared of, but love! I've only had it since January, and haven't done it any justice yet. I started out way back with a Pentax ME Super, which was a great little camera. Sadly the light meter has died. But I need a light meter for the Mamiya, so maybe I'll resurect the ME Super when I get around to buying one (an old Weston if I can get my hands on one!). I replaced the ME Super a couple of years ago with a Pentax P30T - the camera I would have liked to buy new back when I bought the ME. In hindsight I made the right decision to buy the ME Super - a far nicer camera to use than the P30T. Anyway, enough, I hate equipment bores.

Oh hang on, a couple more pieces of equipment. I have a Durst M805 enlarger which I bought for a song off a pro wedding photographer in January. His was the Mamiya too. A Rolls Royce of enlargers - love it! My darkroom is tiny and lives with the washing machine, so not the most dust free of environments, but least I have it. From camera to large prints, and not a computer in sight!

Those of us that were on the course are still in touch and meeting regularly. We're trying to get a bit of an analogue movement going in Cork - watch this space!