Aperture Priority... a luxury! I've got a couple of Bessa T's, the little exposure indicator works pretty well, doesn't add too much to the shot time (like all things, you get used to it). I do have a Bessa R3A, but it's off on holiday to Japan to get the frame counter fixed. It's a lovely camera, nothing fancy, and a joy to use. Stick one of their 40mm f/1.4s on it and you have a great wander-around set-up.

I think my motto is fast becoming "it's just a shutter". I get perplexed by the folks who spend $$$ on a Leica body and then put Voigtlaender lenses on them. Buy two Bessas, some Leica glass, and you've got one colour body and one black and white body at the ready with the best glass... but then again, I've banned myself from looking at Leica bodies in case the pixies get me too ;-)