"It's more about getting the best looking image/photograph that fits with the photographers vision."

So as long as the final image looks good that is all that matters then, regardless of who produced it? Someone can snap a pic and simply drop the file or negative off at a digital lab paying for the "professional output" option that includes "drum scan, full color calibration, and creative assistance including dodging, burning, sharpening, cropping, dust removal, etc", come back a day later and pick up their masterpiece, then sell it for $500 as a traditional hand crafted C-print? You make a good point and I see where you are coming from, but it only applies to the handful of honest photographers and artists out there who genuinely use digital as a craft (Les McLean for example). When I buy art I like to know how the piece was made, why would I pay for something a digital lab banged out for someone? Many digital artists want it to be a non-issue, one has to ask why is this?