A camera is only a tool, sise is not as important as useing the right format for the job. I love shooting portraits in 8x10 but I am finding the slow pace realy bothers some people and the hasselblad is a better choice. Others love the novelty of the 8x10 and say it is like sitting for an oil painting. For children if the print will be no larger than 8x10 I shoot 35mm with t-max, kids are fast and a 35 does not scare them if I am in real close. I love LF but pick the best tool (camera, film, lens....) for the job. If there was one absolute "best" camera that would be the only camera made. As for me all I want is a multi-format 35mm to 11x14 with a 14 to 2400 f1.0 zoom at under 3lbs. watertight of course.