I thought that it may be informative to newcomers to outline what these weekends are all about.

These bi-annual meetings were started about four years ago to allow us to meet those with whom we had conversed through the medium of this forum. We wanted to put faces to names, and see each others pictures in the hand as opposed to second-rate facsimiles on screen, to discuss and learn from each other, and that’s always easier when face to face. The quiet periods between getting out of bed, and the bar opening are usually filled with attempts at picture making; with varying degrees of success.

The first meeting was obviously successful, despite some horrendous weather, because we arrange another immediately after, for the following autumn, and they have continued since.

It was thought reasonable that we should move the venue around the country, and for a different member to take the lead in organising the meeting and accommodation selection. This has been a successful format that has worked well so far. We have also been fortunate in that we have often enjoyed the expertise of a local members knowledge to guide us to photogenic locations in the chosen areas.

As for attendance, the meeting are open to all those that frequent this APUG forum together with their partners, and not just UK residents either, for we have enjoyed meeting APUG visitors from foreign parts in the past. It is not obligatory to attend for the entire weekend, although most do. If you happen to be in our locality for an hour, or two feel free to look us up. Some of us like to make a long weekend out of it, if only to make a long journey worthwhile, others have been happy to attend for an afternoon or evening.

Analogue photography is the spoken language at these gatherings, so, if you are able to, make the effort to attend and join in, I doubt you will regret it.