Shakey, as it happens I currently have a DeVere 504, which is my main enlarger. I also have a C7700 colour enlarger virtually identical to what you you are thinking about purchasing, sitting in my darkroom as well.

Firstly, the DeVere 504 is an unbelievable enlarger, possibly one of the top three or four ever made, usually the price they command reflects this. In short, it is close to enlarger heaven.

I would suggest the LPL is the better deal for yourself. Firstly it has two lens, which is basically all you require with it. There is a glass universal carrier, plus two of the 5 neg carriers available for it.

However the accessories are fabulous, the Jobo Varioformat easel is a wonderful easel, especially coupled with the Variocopy frame. The Componon S lens is excellent, I have and use the same myself.

In short you are ready to literally place all the stuff in your darkroom then start enlarging, nothing else to purchase, pretty much a perfect purchase.

There appears to be one accessory missing, the fine focus knob isn't fitted, this was possibly the only accessory that should have been fitted from the factory, to make it a near perfect enlarger.