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You mentioned the focus knob isn't fitted, does anyone know where i can find one of these? And is it still fine to use without it? Sorry if i sound so naive i never had to sort out enlargers before just gone in the school darkroom and printed.

Thanks for everyone help, Shakey
The fine focus control is a nicety I've been able to live quite happily without, given the cost of a new one! The DeVere is undoubtedly the Rolls-Royce of enlargers, but they're big and heavy and unless you envisage moving to large format in the future I'm sure you'll be well catered for by the LPL. The best feature of the DeVere is the baseboard level focus controls - you need to be a bit of a contortionist making big prints with the LPL unless you get a Paterson "Major" focus finder so you can get your head a bit nearer the focus knob!