Michael (blansky), thanks for putting forward the other side of the argument. You have valid points there, that I frankly had not considered. But, all the same, if someone hires a professional, she should expect and demand more than a point-and-shoot / epson printer operation. She should have been allowed to choose the photographer herself if she wanted to. The wedding photographers I have seen (the real professionals, not the hacks) used a medium format, usually Hasselblad or Bronica, and produced both good proofs and GOOD final prints, which will last her lifetime and beyond.

Anyway to get back on the original subject, I haven't tried my own color yet, but I might. For now, black and white and all the variations of it keep me busy. By the way, I understand black and white is back in fashion for weddings.

For anyone setting up a darkroom, I would give what has become the stock answer....
Get an enlarger that is bigger than you think you will need. It should at least cover both 35mm and 120 film. If you have the cash, get a color enlarger so you have the option of working in color in the future. Or if you are broke and never ever intend to do color, get a black and white medium format condensor (dirt cheap right now).