The list so far is: myself, Brian Steinberger, Keithwms, Sile,jbjbowen, MartinB, naknak, keeds, Mick Fagan and snallen.

There were a few others who expressed interest but haven't gotten back to me on my pm yet. If you are still interested, let me know. At this point, I'd ask people to send the prints to may address. It would be nice to get the prints on the road by early July, but from the postcard exchange, I know it can sometimes take a bit of time for the postal systems to cooperate!

Again, the box can fit 12"x15" (300x375mm). Someone asked if they needed to be mounted, etc. No, but if you want to, that is fine. I have two copies of my sap bucket print - one matted, one not. I'm not sure which I'll put in.